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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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their loved one in the neighborhoods (inaudible) while at the same time facing crime and violence for the (inaudible) (inaudible). >> just keep our loved ones memories alive thank you thank you, ms. brown. >> you're welcome as we always state ms. brown son
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please contract the self-employed there's no statute of limitations on homicide and the same frustrations you have are the frustration that the officers investigating this kind are also feel and what i showed in the video is what the officers see at the some days that manifests it's the wrong way they'll never give up on our case any thoughts and prayers an mother's day. >> any further public comment. please call item 4 >> discussion and possible action to rise the general order district boundary or other action if necessary action this matter is on calendar we've
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voted on the district boundary chances so this is a very quick updated from the chief where we are at with implementation time wise or someone. >> i can right now, we're work with the dean i'll asking have lieutenant watching give you an update good evening welch. >> i'm going commissioners thank you for your time redistricting i'm sure you're aware of the maps were voted on and accepted open april 15th of 2015 d e m once we have our general order and under the chiefs direction looking for the middle of june '35 to 45 days a california brat the system so it
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will go into that and that will take place and coordinated with report whether on the cop project or make a call for service you'll address goes to the correct district station and the statistical analysis once the general order is voted on that the words match our direction on our lion it should take according to d e m 35 to 45 days and have to come back before this commission brown for approval. >> okay. thank you commissioner lieutenant. >> any public comment on this line item that being said. >> line item 5 public comment on all matters pertaining to
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item 7 closed session including whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> leakage we're about to move both closed session to handle confident personnel matters those matters are confidential any public comment hearing motion. >> i move we go into closed session. >> > all in closed session. >> we're going back if open session and have quorum can i have a reference for the items to discuss i move not to disclosure nephews and before we call the next line item adjournment the commission want to adjourn in honor of the loss of one of our members
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lieutenant a member the lieutenant is assigned to san francisco international airport that died is a matter of cancer she'll be dealer missed by the department that for her service with that we'll adjourn in her memory. >> line item 9 adjournment. >> do i have a motion you. > all in favor, say i. > thank you very much
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tuesday, may 5, 2015 meeting of the san francisco unified school district sfusd please call t role and director brinkman director borden director heinecke is anticipated director nolan pr director ramos director rubke
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directors ,3 3 quorum announcement of please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones planning code are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. note cellular phones causes microphone
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truncheons approval of the minutes of the april 21st regular meeting motion to approve . >> seconded . >> > all in favor, say i. > i. > the i's have it item 5 communications . >> members of the board anything from you . >> yes directors there will be no closed session today >>
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okay and members combine items 12 and 12 or the citizens advisory committee report and back to the regular agenda okay . >> item 6 introduction of new busy . >> director rubke . >> i know how how hard our staff works i have noticed the elevator
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have been un reliable and part of this is kind of bart's jurisdiction as far as the downtown elevators to function 3 distinct issues the reliability of the condition in terms of of clean ness and lighting and the agencies ability to talk about the
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reliability to the public of the the elevators i'll appreciate a report open how we address those issues and how to improve all 3 . >> getting to those meetings is difficult it is a serious issue so can we get a report back on it two
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weeks ? especially an action plan . >> and to ju on that
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vifrnt without thinking about it contractors can park their vehicles in such a way to close off blocks from - businesses
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being available sometimes, the sidewalks are not there sometimes did trucks are blocking you can't see if it's opened one business barely survived the tracking of the boulevard in front of his block and building a favorable place to park and no one told him where to park during construction that requires small business small business that the agency tasked with this job to work with the contractors and make sure that all the businesses have their needs met and finally the economically review part to see how it's impacted the street positively or in the case those are the kinds of things we've discussed in our meeting you'll see this issue about construction and how
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it effects local businesses come up in a number of motions kind of the mantra yes, we like this project but what happened when the project starts our next motion is concerning elevating patrol and ticketing for cell phone use operating a moving vehicle including cars and bicycles in little enforcement section of vision zero i'm not sure this is been moved forward we we recommend it be part of the statistics collected next this concerns van ness avenue and the plan to eliminate a number of left turn lanes during and after construction motion reads as follow whereas the sfmta has already decided to
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remove all but two left turn lanes and whereas the sfmta has on modeled the impacts of this decision on traffic but has not conducted an actual survey by actually closings the lanes thereof we recommend you close those lanes accordingly to our models that will work but sometimes models are not accurate enough to really get the prediction right and that way you'll have a test and figure out what to do when trouble it's not that that will but perfectly suited to the conditions finally this concerns the van ness brt project cac
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recommendations staff work with existing businesses along van ness avenue to mitigate the facts of theirprogram and all those things about how construction effects the businesses on the street our play into this one as well questions >> director ramos. >> i appreciate the concern around small businesses during construction that is something that agency is set up for supporting the businesses and as we've seen with the central subway the thing i have a concern around the support for businesses after constructions and recognizing the limitation that some of us or some funding i should say we have with respect with the money we have
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to for example a lot of funding for the brt projects from mined is from the fta and that pounding it restricted with with respect to how it can be used and challenging to use funds for transportation dollars for economic development after a project has been implemented and so i'll encourage our committee to really conducted a rigorous explanation of funding sources for supporting those businesses after the prestigious are implemented it is a noble endeavor there you are concern colors of money so to speak concern dollars for certain things i understand the money for the brt project can't be used for projects after it has
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been implement if i can make that request. >> we don't have staff unfortunately but certainly we're looking at that my understanding of the long term economic issues is whether or not the construction has changed the situation on the street and in a negative way instead of a positive way because of changes that were made for example, eliminating parking spaces or doing other things that don't seem to be working on the street is it so my understanding that is the important part of it not to take over an oewd function of the success of that street but that if the agency and the design that was executed and built has missed something somewhere a way
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to correct the mistakes i'm not sure you've got money for that but that's the prime thing nobody expects you to be primarily responsible for the development in the neighborhood i would think i'll bring that message back to the cac. >> the motion we're on the on the same page especially a clarifying our last meeting we're definitely working together on that one. >> we're on the record we're saying an environmental impact report looking at the things and the refinement of the issues that will take under advisement the issues are not necessarily financial issues but the busses and bus stations to do advertise for example for the businesses and things like that it is not
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always around money but the enforcement once the improvement are in people parking too long at meter but the point the economic impact what the issues should be specific to the role our agencies plays with what we have not as mr. weaver said not the economic development arm for the neighborhood we don't have the ability that is fair, i think that the key with the studies will be looked at short term and long-term obviously when traffic patterns in the beginning upcoming people evaluated for patterns during construction and reevaluate digging out the reiterations and looking at things to tell and looking at what types of things to be murder and the issue of our job enforcement and generally the assets.
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>> thank you, again, for all the fine work and the recommendations that come out of the advisory committee. >> mr. chairman you'll asked 33 me to call 11 to increase the airport for taxicab trips for sfo from two to $4 and item 12 authorized the director to have the wave of the 2016 for medallions and fiscal year relationship a card renewable fees for all taxicabs drivers. >> good afternoon. >> hi good afternoon kate with the taxis and assessable services for item 11 the sfo trips that a driver may charge a driver from two to $4 sfo
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charges the taxicab drivers for trips originally at sfo and currently $2 and the airport commission approved an increase in the trip fee dollars in may effective january one 2015 to sfo has not implemented the fees in the trips cost research staff is requesting an increase from two to $4 to pass into the customers and one important things in the context the taxis again only pay the fees on the picks up not the drop out and the t c p-385 that fee will increase to $4 coming in the
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fall item 12 shall i continue on for item 12 the medallion resume and fee renewal that renewable fees waved for the post medallions and a card renewable fees for the taxicab drivers it continues to experience under rigid exerts and post k medallions to affiliate some of the costs the medallion holders are facing there are 200 and 93 pre k medallions and corporate and standard pre k and the question has come up why not wave the feces for pre k medallions they're the income mechanism an investment no kriefg requirement
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for the pre k pink triangle medallions and pre k medallions don't participate in the industry they've generated numerous income and most are not drivers on lease the medallions to receive a monthly lease payment their held by an individual or corporation prior to 1978 a minimum of a few years in 2011 estimated at a point pre k medallions generated $800,000 and there are 6 heed and 21 post k medallions from seniority and those medallion holders have paid their dues as drivers there are 6 heed and 42 preposterous k medallions based on seniority
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they've invested money in the city and post k medallion holder are required to drive and have expenses like gate fees and insurance and service on the vehicle, etc. so hence the distinction in terms of the a card renewable fees the drives have been hit hard financial because of the limits t and c on the streets it is facing challenges and working to understand what created the context in which under regulated t ncs can arrive historic problems of the taxi industry have been well documented and portion of the fragmented industry there are
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stakeholders groups the drivers, medallion holders and companies and over the years they've been fragmented and adversarial this is hard to get a consensus and to focus on the larger issues of improving the system and dpand taxi mode share it is difficult to patios a meaningful structural reform either one or two stakeholder groups oppose keys improvements such as the additional medallions and credit cards and the open taxi assess system. the stakeholders groups were acting rational and raising valid concerns from their self-interests but the whole it was difficult for the eco system and often we losing lose sight of the end game the